Plakkie is saving lives with the Pink is for Buoys campaign. Plakkie, Speedo South Africa, and the National Sea Rescue Institute (NSRI) have united for an incredible initiative of preventing drownings at rivers, dams, and beaches with the Pink Rescue Buoy. The bright coloured Buoy can be used as an emergency flotation if someone gets into difficulty in the water and there is no lifeguard on duty.


Pink for the Buoys Plakkie and Pink Bouy.

All profits of the NSRI Plakkie will be going towards putting up a Pink Buoy at necessary locations. For every 10 Pink is for Buoys Plakkies sold, Plakkie will be donating a Pink Bouy to a beach, dam, or river that is in need of one. To date, Plakkie has put up 9 Buoys Resucue Systems which will help save numerous lives.

NSRI Pink is for Buoys Plakkie.

These Plakkies are available to purchase on the Plakkie website at


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