At Veldskoen, we always find a reason to celebrate and share our South African-ness with the world.

We are excited about our involvement with the South African Film Festival and Education without Borders. We had an opportunity for a Veldskoen advertisement to feature before each film was premiered by the South African Film Festival and in return, we sponsored a local school in South Africa with Veldskoen shoes.

Education without Borders

Education without Borders (EwB) was established in 2002 with the mandate to foster educational opportunities and provide educational facilities to disadvantaged learners in South Africa. Poverty in South Africa is often described as brutal and pervasive, despite that, EwB believes that the only way to break this cycle is through education. To achieve this Education without Borders has a range of initiatives that includes after-school support programmes in subjects such as Mathematics, English Literacy, isiXhosa Literacy, Science, school leadership, and youth mentorship.

EwB's after-school support programme taking place.

South African Film Festival

South African Film Festival (SAFF) is a non-profit organisation that supports Education without Borders with the net proceeds going towards supporting the important educational development of underprivileged students. SAFF is a festival with a heart and a purpose to showcase features and documentaries that explore the talent, culture, history, and politics of South Africa.

South African Film Festival's website (home page)

We are ecstatic about our new relationship that has blossomed between the South African Film Festival and Education without Borders.

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