5 Completely Unique South African Wine Farm Experiences

South Africa is unique in many ways. From exquisite scenery, to the diverse range of cultures and people, there is much to enjoy; including some of the most delicious and unique wine experiences in the world! The task of choosing from an endless list of superb, award-winning wine farms may seem impossible, but to be honest, you can’t really go wrong.  We thought we’d select a few genuinely unusual and exciting wine farms that offer out-of-this-world wine experiences.

Here are our top 5 unique South African wine farm experiences...


1. Black Elephant Vintners

Black Elephant Vintners

This is likely one of the most unique wine experiences we have ever come across. Self-proclaimed “Misfits Of The Wine Industry" and "The Rebels Of The
Vine", Kevin, Raymond, and Jacques, have harvested their passion for music and
wine to create something unusual and special in the magical mountainous village of Franschhoek. Tease your senses with a wine pairing experience promised to release your inner

rebel from the shackles of conformity! These are their ‘Rebel Experiences’ -

  • There's Music and Wine Pairing on Saturdays
  • W.T.F - Wine Tasting Fun on Wednesdays and Fridays
  • Drive-By Wednesday- which is all about takeaway specials
  • Then there’s Urban Tastings at Bovine and exciting events with the Franschhoek Vignerons.

There is no limit to the creativity of these talented and unconventional vintners.
Aiming to bring ‘truth’ back to wine and turn convention on its head, this is a unique wine experience not to be missed!


2. Weltevrede Wine Estate


Fancy a uniquely romantic wine experience to indulge in with your significant other? Or perhaps you seek something along the ‘vines’ of a one-of-a-kind wine tasting adventure with friends or family? We promise you will not be disappointed with Weltevrede Wine Estate.

Established in 1912, this wine farm has been satisfying connoisseurs from all over
the world for decades! The name “Weltevrede” translated from Afrikaans to English means, “to be content” or “well-satisfied”,  which is exactly how patrons feel when they visit this family-owned wine farm.

Their most spectacular, unique wine experience, is a special, candle-lit dinner and
wine tasting in their 100-year-old underground wine cellar. Dare to dream, have fun, love, and be loved. Let go of the business of the mind and enjoy the taste of
delicious, quality wines as the candlelight dances on the walls, away from the noise of the outside world... If this doesn’t entice you then I don’t know what will. In our books, this is an absolute MUST for all wine lovers!


3. Imbuko Wines


“Imbuko” means ‘admiration for’ in Xhosa, one of South Africa’s 11 official languages and the mother tongue of the incredible South African hero and icon, Nelson Mandela. The vintners at Imbuko wines are not only impassioned by wine, they are especially excited about bringing South African flavours to their
wine-loving local and international guests.

Lose yourself to the South African vibe at this family-friendly wine farm. We
recommend trying out their unique wine and pie pairing experience. These succulent pies are filled with South African favourites which include the ever-so succulent yet humble chicken pie, tasty melanzane, luscious lamb shank, and, our personal best, mouth-watering bobotie.
This is a truly unique wine experience that will leave your heart full and your
tastebuds tingling with a taste of South Africa.


4. Excelsior Wine Estate


Have you ever blended, bottled, labelled, and sealed your very own wine? No? Well, you’re in for a treat! Let us introduce you to a very exciting and unique wine experience from Excelsior Wine Estate.

Located in Robertson and established in 1859, this family-owned estate is well-known for its limestone-rich soil, resulting in an exquisite range of well-balanced, luxurious wines.

Apart from hand-picked grapes, delicious wines, tasty food, and vivacious
surroundings, there is an exciting unique wine experience at Excelsior to share with friends and family. Sample three of their signature blends, decide how you would like to blend them into your own unique blend, and then proceed to cork, label, and seal your very own bottle! Keep your bottle as a special treat to celebrate a memorable occasion or gift it to someone special. Whatever you choose to do with your bottle, this is a memory-making wine experience like no other.


5. Klein Roosboom Boutique Winery

Klein Roosboom Boutique Winery

Some refer to this wine boutique as Cape Town’s best-kept secret. We’ll let you be the judge.
Loved for its wine tasting caves which were once fermentation tanks, this boutique winery offers a unique wine experience to suit every enthusiast and connoisseur.

Each cave has a unique theme designed to satisfy just about every personality.
Choose from laid-back bohemian aesthetics, elegant glamour, or  historically victorian themed spaces where you can have a laugh with friends and family while indulging in some tasty treats and luscious wines. If caves aren’t for you, no problem, relax on the lush lawns or enjoy a picnic among the vines.

Feel like moving around?  Head out for a walk with your furry friend on one of the various trails. At Klein Roosboom there is truly something for everyone!

If you’d like to know more about the exciting adventures and experiences South
Africa has to offer, visit Veldskoen Travel.

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