77 Lives Saved & Counting!

77 lives saved & counting! Over 1000 buoys have been installed and many more to come!

Today we highlight the NSRI for their outstanding contribution to saving lives in the water. We are excited to announce our involvement in their Pink Rescue Buoy campaign, as we join forces with Speedo South Africa to drive this incredible initiative.

Our combined love for the water and the safety of all in it is what inspired our partnership. Through the Pink Is For Buoys campaign, our hope is to inspire all South Africans to support this incredible initiative and to raise the funds for thousands of Pink Buoys to be installed on our beautiful beaches with an aim to save more lives!

The rescue buoys are bright pink so that they can be easily spotted on the water by responding rescuers...On each Pink Rescue Buoy sign are emergency numbers for the NSRI. If you are not a strong swimmer and trained in rescue, we advise that this public rescue device is thrown to a person who is in danger of drowning, while someone else calls for help.

Andrew Ingram

NSRI Drowning Prevention manager

Since the NSRI began installing them in 2017, Pink Buoy Rescue Systems have already saved 77  lives in South Africa. PLAKKIE and the NSRI want to save more lives by putting up as many Pink Buoy Rescue Systems as possible. 

We named all our Plakkies after our great South African beaches and in that, we feel we have an amazing opportunity to talk to everyone about our beaches. We use our beaches on a daily basis but the majority know very little about them. This project is critical for us to educate everyone, not only about the fun side of our beaches but also how to enjoy them safely. 

Ross Zondagh


For more information on the Pink is for Buoys PLAKKIE, contact Cleo Lourens


To contribute to a Pink Buoy Rescue system, contact Andrew Ingram


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