Plakkies Top 5 Ice Cream Spots

Plakkies and ice cream, name a better combo? 

We decided to go out and track down our top 5 favourite ice cream spots in South Africa! 

  • 5. UNFRAMED 

  • Our first stop, the local darling of ice cream and, according to the big 7 travel, voted the World's best ice cream; UNFRAMED. Healthy ice cream is a rare find, but Unframed has got you covered offering dairy, vegan and sorbet options. They put the art in artisanal ice cream-making. Our fav is the honeycomb flavour!

    Unframed ice cream store, V&A Waterfront.


    Our love, or ‘amore’, runs deep for MORO GELATO! Gelato is a frozen dessert that originates from Italy. While both gelato and ice cream contain cream, milk and sugar, authentic gelato uses more milk and less cream than ice cream and generally doesn’t use egg yolks. Using only authentic Italian recipes from owner Stefan Moro’s grandmother, they wanted to make sure that although made in SA, the flavours stay true to their Italian roots. There is the traditional gelato option which is perfect for classic gelato lovers or a sorbetti option for those who prefer a dairy free option.


    Drum roll for...The Creamery- this local hero recently celebrated its 10th birthday. Known for using only locally sourced, fresh and sustainable ingredients, these guys seriously know their chocolate to their cherry, their sweet cream, to their salted caramel. And don’t even get us started on their toppings! Every month comes the highly anticipated ‘Flavour of the month’ with Strawberry Cake Flavour for their birthday month. With over 7 stores and counting, The Creamery leaves a lasting taste in our mouths.

    The Creamery, Durbanville store.


    Royal Danish in Pretoria makes ice cream, you guessed it, the traditional Danish way- i.e. without eggs. Open since 1998, they have a vast menu including specialty ice creams, waffles, baked goods but it’s their signature flavour; Royal Copenhagen that’s most popular.


    The Dairy Den is a family run business that has been around for the last 73 years with enjoyable and affordable delicious treats to indulge in. There is a little something for the whole family at The Dairy Den to treat your sweet tooth from ice cream, milkshakes and yummy donuts. 

    The Dairy Den at Willowbridge Shopping Centre.

    As summer is approaching, ice cream and Plakkie without a doubt, go hand in hand. Plakkie brings the perfect combination of style and comfort with a variety of fun colours to choose from, almost like choosing your favourite ice cream flavour!

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