Thabo Makhetha X Veldskoen SA Fashion Week 2024

Love Culture, Share Culture
Witness the harmonious blend of 200 years of
Basotho culture and 300 years of
Veldskoen heritage.

Veldskoen is proud to announce our collaboration with South African designer Thabo Makhetha at SA Fashion week 2024.

This year, Thabo Makhetha is introducing the elegant and thought-provoking ‘Dikeleli” collection. Thabo, a long-time supporter of Veldskoen, approached the brand to collaborate and showcase the Mzanzi inspired Heritage and Chelsea boot ranges. The blend of Basotho and Veldskoen culture intrigued both brands and it was an immediate yes. 

Dikeleli Range:

In celebration of 200 years of the Basotho nation, this collection delves deep into the rich history of Basotho textiles, to a time before the Basotho blankets, when the bantu clans were renowned for their work with leather. 

In developing this collection Thabo has crafted her very own cotton textile,  lighter and more fluid than the traditional wool. The thetana, worn by women during their traditional dances, is reimagined, using recycled materials.












The intricate pattern found in the weave and printed onto the leather is named Dikeledi, in honor of Thabo’s grandmother. She continues to be a guardian angel in my life and that has greatly influenced my path in this career.

Veldskoen CEO Driekie Zondagh says ‘This partnership isn't just about fashion; it's a celebration of everything we hold dear. It's a vibrant fusion of heritage, craftsmanship, and innovation that pays homage to the rich tapestry of South African culture. We are very proud of this collaboration with Thabo.’

Left to right: Kyle Lestrade, Driekie Zondagh, Thabo Makhetha and Freya Bell. 

Thabo adds, “This is more than just a showcase; it's a statement—a testament to the spirit of collaboration, creativity, and resilience that defines us as South Africans.” 












Left to right: Freya Bell (Veldskoen), Amy-Lee Steenkamp (Woman&Home), Nontando Mposo (Editor, GLAMOUR), Tania Durand (Fashion Editor, GLAMOUR)

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