What is South-African-ness?

‘South African-ness’ is the name of our podcast. It is a completely made up word, but through many interviews we’ve found out that it, more or less, means the same thing to every South African.

‘South African-ness is a collection of attributes and attitudes that identify someone as a member of the rainbow nation. It encompasses resilience, humour, kindness, creativity, compassion and the joy of life. It is both a state of mind and a state of heart.

VELDSKOEN and Relate came together to celebrate and showcase South African-ness, by releasing the South African-ness bracelet.


South African-ness bracelet.

South African-ness bracelet with a Veldskoen strap.


Relate is all about impact, making a difference and changing lives. It is a 100% not for profit social enterprise which donates to credible causes and invests in social upliftment initiatives all while focusing on creating opportunities for every individual involved.


VELDSKOEN is a proudly South African brand. Our modern shoes are locally produced. Most of the shoe components are also sourced locally, allowing us to support South African companies. The production is carried out in a factory in Durban where each shoe is individually hand cut and sewn. With these processes taking place locally, VELDSKOEN is creating employment opportunities and supporting the economy.

The South African-ness bracelet

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused disruption and destruction in many South Africans lives with regards to employment, source of income, mental and physical health issues. This South African-ness bracelet project is a course of action for all of us to be agents of social change and lend a helping hand to those in need. The project is intended to connect people to their South African heritage, and, in partnership with the Ikamva Labantu NGO, to create employment and skills development opportunities for the elderly and young people. The bracelets are hand-made by ladies and gentlemen from Ikamva Labantu Seniors club. Making bracelets helps support their pension and livelihoods. Once the beading process is complete by the elderly at Ikamva, the youngsters at Relate HQ, close and pack the bracelets. Many of these young people have dependents, so they welcome the additional income. The youngsters benefit through many skills’ development initiatives, which goes to show that this system benefits every individual at every stage of the process.

Elderly busy beading

You can join this movement for change by contacting Relate directly at or call them on +27 418 3144. For more information about Relate’s upliftment programmes, please visit

Wear the change you want to be.