Learn a bit more on how the category has been linked to the sport, as well as the qualities that make the shoe ideal for playing polo.

The native South African shoe brand, VELDSKOEN®, has gone global for its iconic and legendary backstory. It is important to note that the original ‘veldskoen’ or ‘velle’ spawned the category of the ‘desert boot’, which went on to create the channel for the ‘chukka boot’, as well as the Clarks.

It has been said that not all desert boots are ‘chukka boots’, however, all chukka boots ARE desert boots. The composition and general aesthetic of VELDSKOEN® shoes are not the only references to the equestrian sport of polo. The ‘chukka boot’ got its name directly from the sport itself. A ‘chukka’ was the name given to quarter periods of play, in which the game was split. The name stuck and that ‘boot’ became the shoe of choice for the sport.

Seeing as ‘veldskoen’ created the category of the ‘desert boot’, it is fair to argue that VELDSKOEN®, the re-imagination of the icon is, therefore, the perfect pair of shoes to wear during a game of polo. There are three features that are detrimental when it comes to choosing a shoe to play polo in. These three characteristics, which are showcased in all VELDSKOEN® ranges, are as follows: beautiful, comfortable and strong.

All the ranges that belong to VELDSKOEN® are beautiful, but it is the original ‘heritage’ shoe, that contains the beauty that was embedded in African history. The ‘heritage’ range comprises of a design of shoe based and modeled on the original ‘velle’, worn thousands of years ago by our predecessors. Made from the signature rawhide leather material, the shoes come in a variety of colourful soles and matching laces. With eight different shades to choose from, the range truly signifies and reflects the ‘beauty’ that is the rainbow nation.

The last two characteristics that are crucial for the sport include strength and comfort. The shoes played in the game of polo need to be strong because they need to withstand the movement of the horse and the resistance against the stirrups and straps. Luckily, VELDSKOEN® has thick and sturdy soles, as well as thorough stitching. The comfortability of the shoes has to do with the shape and the leather composition. The shoes get more comfortable over time, as the shoe begins to mold to the shape of your foot; a quality that polo players can be thankful for – unlike other sports shoes, a new pair doesn’t need to be bought after each match.

VELDSKOEN® shoes are suitable for many sports including football, hiking, and dancing, just to name a few. Polo players, however, just consider getting a pair – they were made for the game. 

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