Our 5 Favourite Ways to Spend a Day in Langa...

No Cape Town experience is complete without a visit to one of South Africa’s oldest townships, Langa which means 'sun' in isiXhosa. This vibrant community was named in honour of Chief Langalibalele who rebelled against orders from the colonial government to registers his mens weapons and was sent to prison on Robben Island in 1873.

Spend a day exploring this historic township, soaking up the culture and flavour. It will be an experience you will never forget!

Here are our 5 favourite ways to spend a day in Langa...

1. Guga S’Thebe Art Centre

The Guga S’Thebe Art Centre aims to uplift and empower the community of Langa and is dedicated to improving their socio-economical situation.

With 60% of Langa adult residents unemployed, the art center tries to help by training residents in various art forms such as metalwork, pottery, beadwork, and more.

There are six studio spaces, a gathering space, an arts and crafts shop, an amphitheatre, and a multipurpose theatre. Browse and buy beautifully hand-sewn products, beading, pottery, and mosaic pieces, and don’t miss the incredible beats of the drumming performances!

2. Langa Bicycle tour

Discover everything Langa has to offer on two wheels! That’s right! Who doesn’t
enjoy a good old bike ride? Cruise your way through the streets of Langa, admire (and pose with) thought-provoking, colourful, and interesting street art, and engage with the local community. This guided group activity takes the Langa adventure to the next level and you get to learn more about the history of this incredible and buzzing township and its residents.

If you’re a little rusty, because sometimes riding a bike is not actually 'just like riding a bike', visit the Langa Bicycle Hub where you can take a crash course in cycling and even have your bicycle fixed if need be! (Nice!)

3. Enjoy a dining experience, Langa style

Feel like some tasty grub? Langa has a couple of restaurants renowned for their traditional delicacies and tantalizing comfort food made to warm the heart and soul!

Our top three spots are Lelapa Restaurant, Mzanzi, and the Eziko Restaurant which is also a cooking school. Eziko teaches aspiring chefs in Langa essential cooking skills needed to move on and start catering businesses or get jobs as professional chefs! 

Join locals and tourists from around the world and enjoy traditional African food,
Langa style!

 4. Siviwe Township Tours

Experience Langa township life, history, and culture with a qualified tour guide, rich in knowledge and personal experiences. Siviwe Tours specialises in eye-opening, life-changing, guided tours of Langa that are unforgettable!

Learn Langa lingo, greet residents in their own language, isiXhosa, and relish in traditional music and gumboot dancing, specially incorporated in this one-of-a-kind tour!

Siviwe Township Tours even offers specific tours tailored to your interests and request.

5. One word - Umgombothi!

What is Umqombothi? Excellent question! No township experience can be complete without a taste of this home-brewed beer, available at local shebeens.

Locals and tourists who have experienced Umgombothi describe it as being similar to milk stout, but also like sweet porridge packed with a kick of alcohol! We’ll leave that for you to decide.

Traditionally, it is served out of a five-litre paint can and shared amongst friends and family. If you’re after something truly unique, enjoy and share one of these one-of-a-kind beers with the Langa residents.


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