Our top 5 family friendly things to do at Grand West Casino…

Cape Town has endless sights to see and outdoor adventures to partake in, but if you’re not feeling outdoorsy and find yourself in the mood for a little indoor action, we have just the place for you! 

For the perfect date night, you can wine and dine by candlelight with your special someone, or take the whole family out for some ice skating, games, and a tasty Spur burger! Whatever you’re in the mood for, Grand West Casino is where it’s at! 

These are our 5 favourite things to do at Grand West Casino…

1. Games Arcade 

Grand West Games Arcade

Grand West Casino is home to a place that has the magic to enlarge the wide eyes of children and bring out the inner kid in every adult! We’re talking about The Magic Company Games Arcade of course. 

There is something so nostalgic about a games arcade, especially one like this. It has the old-school, traditional arcade games we all know and love, air hockey, ten-pin bowling, kids' rides, and even a virtual reality experience! Yes, virtual reality! Immerse yourself in an alternate world with the incredible XRider! 

This is a place where age doesn’t matter and fun is everywhere! 

2. The Ice Station

Ice Station


Cape Town may not have snow in winter, but at Grand West Casino’s Ice Station, you’ll find yourself channeling your inner figure skater or Disney’s Elsa from Frozen.  

Swap out your veldskoen for a pair of skates and dabble in some ice skating fun with friends and family. If you’re a fan of disco-styled multicoloured light displays and music, you’re in for a treat! 

While you go around and around, hopefully getting better and braver with each lap, be careful and mindful of those just starting out, this is an activity that definitely takes some time to master but is exceptionally worth the fun and giggles. 

3. Grand Arena

Grand Arena

Ever met a person who doesn’t enjoy seeing their favourite artist or band live in concert? No? Just as we expected! From indie wanderers, pop stars, and rock-n-roll supernovas to old-school legends like Billy Ocean and Roxette, the Grand West Arena always has an arsenal of majestic acts lined up! 


4. Grand West Restaurants

 Grand West restaurants

Taking dinner to the next level is an easy task when there are this many restaurants to choose from. If you’re in the mood for a perfectly prepared steak choose from The Hussar Grill or Casa Bella, or perhaps you fancy some light sushi or a seafood feast, Cape Town Fish Market is the place to be! For an authentic Indian experience, you won’t be disappointed by the aesthetically pleasing Bukhara restaurant.  

If you prefer a more laid-back vibe, there is a food court of fast food restaurants available too for a quick bite before the fun begins and of course, no entertainment house would be complete without the South African favourite, the people with a taste for life - Spur! 

5. Laser Tag


Laser Tag

THIS IS WAR! Just kidding, it’s Laser Tag at Grand West Casino. 

This is an action-packed, fast-paced combat game that gets the blood and adrenaline pumping! Using guns that fire infrared beams and infrared armor worn by each player, the aim is to shoot your opponents as many times as possible.  

Play in teams or as 'every man for himself', whichever you choose, this game is designed to be a rush and ultimately fun experience for all aged five years and up! Whom would you pick for your SWAT squad?

For more information on things to do or adventures to book in Cape Town and South Africa, visit our Veldskoen travel page! 

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