The Namaqualand Range: A Milestone in Women’s Footwear

Summer is about to get much sunnier as we unveil our new sandal range. We have released a new must-have collection of gorgeous casual leather sandals. Fittingly named, The Namaqualand, the Veldskoen sandal marks a significant milestone, as it represents the first-ever women's collection.

The range launches with two colours; Tan (The Daisy) and Olive Green (The Aloe) with more colours set to be released next year. Every sandal is made using full-grain Nubuck leather with a strong TR sole and the upper sole is made using veg tan leather for maximum comfort. The sizes range from 3 UK - 9 UK.

All of our products are named to celebrate aspects of South African-ness. Our core message is to share positivity about South Africa. This new range pays homage to the floral kingdom of Namaqualand, inspired by the breathtaking beauty of the region in the Northern Cape, where wildflowers paint the landscape with vibrant hues, the Namaqualand Sandals capture the essence of summertime in every step.

The Namaqualand - Aloe (Olive Green) Retails at R899


CEO Driekie Zondagh says “The flowers that thrive in Namaqualand are delicate and vibrant when in bloom, but have had to adapt to survive harsh, cold winters. Beautiful and resilient, just like a woman.” Driekie adds - “This is the perfect summer shoe and a must-have in our closet this summer season.”

Inspired by the timeless Spanish Avarca sandal, this range combines the best of both worlds, bringing together the iconic Mediterranean style with our signature quality and comfort. The Avarca sandal is renowned for its simple yet elegant design, characterised by a flat sole, soft leather straps, and impeccable craftsmanship. We have taken inspiration from this classic and added their own unique touch to create a line of sandals that are perfect for any occasion, whether it's a casual day at the beach or out for brunch or sundowners with friends. 

The Namaqualand - Daisy (Tan)

The Namaqualand Sandal is now available for purchase exclusively on our websiteretailing at R899.

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