Veldskoen Shoes announces new CEO, Driekie Zondagh

Beloved South African shoe company, Veldskoen, has a brand new CEO. Co-founder, Nick Dreyer, is succeeded in the role by Driekie Zondagh, who has been serving as Veldskoen’s COO since 2019. The change in leadership is a strategic move to reach Veldskoen’s greater goal.

“Our dream is to become the most globally recognised South African brand with our locally manufactured shoes sold and loved all around the world. To do this, we need to further increase our global visibility and international trade.” Explains Zondagh.

The company has long-term aspirations for Asia and Europe, but the immediate plan is for Dreyer to head up the management and expansion of Veldskoen USA, whilst Zondagh takes the helm of Veldskoen in Africa.

Left to right: CEO Driekie Zondagh, Co-Founders of Veldskoen Shoes, Nick Dreyer and Ross Zondagh.  

“We’ve taken back the day-to-day running of our US business, because we believe the best people to tell a South African story and sell a South African product anywhere, is the home team, ” says Zondagh.

“Under Driekie’s operational leadership our exports not only survived the COVID-19
pandemic, but thrived; to the point where we are now in 32 countries and were named AGOA’s exporter of the year last year. I’m excited about the potential that lies in America, and I know that at home we are in very good hands”, commented Dreyer.

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