Veldskoen Golf, the above-average shoe for the below-average golfer

Introducing The Loft. Our new golf shoe is set to disrupt the golf market by taking aim at normal golfers.

We are proud to announce the launch of our latest creation: Veldskoen Golf. An unconventional golf shoe that combines style and function but with the traditional Veldskoen style South Africans know and love. Breaking away from traditional norms, this groundbreaking product is set to revolutionise the golfing experience for the every day, but not play every day, golfer.

The Veldskoen Golf Shoe is a true testament to the brand's commitment to pushing boundaries and redefining what is possible in footwear. Designed for golf enthusiasts who value comfort, individuality, and fashionable aesthetic.

Key Features of the Veldskoen Golf Shoe:

True to the Veldskoen aesthetic: We are renowned for our trademarked signature-coloured soles and laces and South African flag tag, and The Loft is no exception. The Loft will have three colour combinations; red, yellow and blue, allowing golfers to express their personality and stand out on the green and in the clubhouse. The shoe that looks awesome at the prizegiving, even if you come last.

Designed for longevity: The Loft is made using the same stitch-down construction method that makes Veldskoen shoes last as long as they do. The Loft also features water-resistant leather, protecting golfers from unexpected rain showers or that stray ball you have to collect from the pond.  

Created for comfort: The stitch-down design, coupled with an insole that proved state-of-the-art cushioning and arch support, creates a roomier shoe that is really comfortable for long walks on the golf course, often a little longer than others when searching for your ball. Golfers can focus on their swing without any distractions from discomfort.

Commenting on the launch, Nick Dreyer, co-founder of Veldskoen, said  “We’ve been excited to launch Veldskoen Golf for a while. Ross (Veldskoen co-founder) and I have been talking about the golf shoe ever since we started the company in 2016. The Veldskoen golf shoe removes the performance pressure from golf. When you show up on the first tee the Veldskoen shoe lets you relax. Everyone watching will know that you love golf, but expect you to shank it. So own it!”

To celebrate the launch, we will be offering a limited-time promotion. Customers who purchase the Golf Shoe within the first month will receive a complimentary Spotless shoe care kit, ensuring their shoes remain in top condition. Customers who sign up for the mailing list at will qualify for 20% off the opening price. 

The Veldskoen Golf Shoe is available for purchase from the 1st of September on our official website retailing at R1999. 

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